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Welcome to cycle workshop

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To us you can find functional (electric) cycles and/or other mobility means for an affordable price.

‘Wheels’ in the modern urban or country life are more than a simple mean of transport: they are a way of life, being ecological and flexible.

To reach this and other goals, e.g. to promote environmental friendly transport means, we use to recycle as many parts as possible.

However, when needed we use 100% New parts.

The cycles are often completely disassembled, each part refurbished or, if necessary, replaced by a new/refurbished part and thereafter reassembled.

Using as many as possible recycled parts we contribute to the reduction of demand of new parts and to a better environment.

Nowadays as a matter of fact it is important to work with a low ecological footprint and that’s exactly what we do.


You can get by us completely New products that can be dropshipped directly to your address.

We offer among others New products in the following categories:

  • ✔️City/transport bikes
  • ✔️E-bikes (Dutch brands)
  • ✔️Bikeframes
  • ✔️Children bikes
  • ✔️the typical Dutch “oma – opa fietsen”
  • ✔️Folding bikes


Besides we offer:

  • Refurbished/(when possible) tested second hands product
  • Trade in service: you can get an offer on your used cycles and/or parts and trade them in for other used or new ones
  • Refurbishment service (customers only)
  • Sale service
  • Warranty subscriptions
  • Bike battery revision

For a small selection from our offer look at our Facebook page.